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Audiovox OMEGA Omegalink RS KIT Module and T Harness (OLRSFO1)


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  • Stand-alone Remote Start Solution for Ford Models 2006 and Up
  • Includes custom t-harness for compatible vehicles
  • Quick and easy installation with minimal wire tapping
  • NOT compatible with factory transmitter
  • Excalibur RF-10-EDP
  • Excalibur RF-30-EDP
  • Excalibur RF-50-EDP
  • Supports remote start from factory transmitter by pressing 3 X LOCK
  • Includes custom t-harness for 'plug & play' installation


The Audiovox OMEGA Omegalink RS KIT Module and T Harness OLRSFO1 has your back and your car in all situations. Cold outside? The remote feature activates the engine without any physical contact. This comes in handy on those cold mornings when you don't want to get into a freezing car, or on hot days, when you don't want your car to be a sauna. The keyless entry power locks or unlocks your door from several feet away. On those days when your head isn't quite screwed on and you can't remember if you locked the car door or not, the remote start system allows you to lock the doors while walking away. One less thing to think about is always a good thing.