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Avital 4113LX Remote Start with Two 1-Button Remotes


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  • Integrated keyless entry and remote starter system
  • Includes 2 1-button remotes
  • Remotes start the car (1st press) & unlock the doors (2nd press)
  • Allows you to have the A/C or heater start working before you get to the car


The Avital 4113LX Remote Start with Two 1-Button Remotes is an integrated all-in-one remote start and keyless entry system.  The remotes features 1 button which when pressed the first time starts your vehicle. Press it a second time to unlock the car doors.  With remote start, you no longer have to sit in the freezing cold or boiling heat waiting for your climate control system to kick in; the car will be the perfect temperature by the time you get in. Features include a virtual tachometer, a D2D serial data port, and XCR onboard relays. The kit includes everything you need for installation.

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