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Bello HD7102 High Speed HDMI Cables


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  • 14.9 Gbps high speed data rate
  • 1080p/4K highest definition video
  • 120 Hz Refresh rate
  • HDMI Ethernet channel
  • 99.99% Oxygen free copper
  • Audio return channel
  • Content type
  • LifeJacket® protective cable covering is UL/CL3 listed for in-wall installations


Your TV is only as good as the signal it receives. Bell'O Digital HDMI cables ensure that all of the audio and video data available reaches your system to bring your experience to life. Advanced technologies and TruSpeed™ tested 10.2 or 14.9 gigabit per second transfer rate (depending on length) exceed today's standards, making these the last cables you'll need for a very long time.