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Cerwin Vega STEALTH1200.1 Stealth 2400 Watt Mono Amplifier


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(CDT) Class D Topology design for greater efficiency and compactness.. Panel mount RCA connectors.. (VFF) Variable Filter Frequency.. (VSSF) Variable Sub-Sonic Frequency.. (VBB) Vega Bass Boosr fixed at 12dB for maximum low frequency output reproduction.
Just because you have limited space doesnt mean you have to sacrifice great sound. The new Stealth series amplifiers from Cerwin-Vega Mobile were designed to go places that other amplifiers wont. We use a new full-range class D chip set that is very efficient and extremely reliable. These amplifiers dont suffer from any of the noise or sonic issues that are normally present in full-range class D designs. They just sound awesome. Visit one of our authorized dealers today and listen for yourself.