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  • 2-Channel
  • Twin USB DJ Mixer
  • 9 Effects BPM Synced
  • In-Loop Sampler Echo,
  • 25Hz-20kHz Frequency Response,
  • 82dB Noise Ratio
  • Red


DJ-Tech DJM-303’s newest USB mixer with a Twin USB Input/output for PC Playback and recording, Features 9 onboard BPM Synced Effects, including the all new In-Loop Sampler and 3 CROSSFADER effects. DJM-303 integrates great ALPHA long life faders, with 2 curve for the Crossfade. Play 2 sources from your computer is now available and easy to set up: Thanks to the 2 USB input for Playing or Recording. DJM-303 Includes 2 DJ Software: Worldwide acclaimed Tractor 3LE Decadence. Direct access In-Loop Sampler An intelligent 24-bit/44.1kHz sampler automatically detects the tempo of a song during playback, sampling it for a length of 4 beats then loops the sample. The DJM-303 will store five samples onboard for 7 seconds each and a total of 35 seconds of sample time. Onboard Effects and Equalization. The DJM-303 includes eight onboard effects: ECHO, TRANS, FLANGER, FILTER, PHASE, PAN, PITCH and REVERB. All effects are processed at 24-bits for the highest quality sound. Crossfade Effects ECHO, BRAKE and TRANSFORM can be played automatically or in Manual mode, give to your mix a Unique color, LOOPS are also available in playing the ECHO. Each channel has 3-band isolator EQ with full cut capability. With DJ-Tech DJM-303, fix your mix @ incredible value for money. 2 channels -4 Line inputs -2 Turntable inputs 2 USB input/output for Computer Playing and Recording 9 Effects BPM Synced including In-Loop Sampler ECHO,TRANS,FLANGER,FILTER, PHASER,PAN,PITCH and REVERB 3 x CROSSFADER Effects: ECHO,BRAKE,TRANSFORM 35 seconds of Samples in 5 Banks 2 Fader start connections 3-band EQ per channel (-infinity dB to +12dB) 2 mic inputs (1/4") -Mic EQ 3-Position adjustable crossfade curve Headphone monitor auditioning Reinforced headphone jacks 2 RCA master outputs-2 TRS Balance Output Audio Frequency response: 25Hz to 20kHz (CD) Signal-to-noise ratio: more than 82dB (Line) Distortion Ratio: 0.03% or less Weight: 3.4Kgs Dimensions: 223 (W)