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Elasto Gel SWT113 Hot/Cold Sinus Mask


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  • Provides Either Hot or Cold Therap

  • Washable Outside Cover

  • Headaches/Sleep Aid

  • Re-Usable

  • 4-Way Stretch Material

  • Product is sold as a single unit

Elasto-Gel™ Sinus Mask may be used for either hot or cold therapy. It is great for those suffering with headaches or may be used as a sleep aid to reduce excessive light. One size fits most. The outside cover is washable and has a whole at the top for easy removal.    When heated, it provides moist therapy heat and when used cold, it provides a soothing cold without causing trauma to the skin or nerves.  When used cold, the Sinus Mask remains soft and flexible even at -20ºF.  The product is re-usable and will not dry out, change form or become hard.  The Sinus Mask is covered with a four-way stretch material that allows maximum conformity, heat transfer and comfort.