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Electro-voice EVM15DLX Super 15IN. Woofer


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  • Low-Frequency Reproducer
  • Woofer for two-way speech and music systems
  • High excursion for low-frequency clarity and punch
  • TIR & FDD reduce distortion, keep voice coil cool, and smooth ì frequency response
  • 400 watts long-term power capacity
  • 101-dB sensitivity
  • Thermally efficient magnet assembly for high reliability
  • PROTEF coating helps protect woofer from excessive power peaks

EVM15DLX Super 15" Woofer is for two-way speech and music systems and provides 400W of long-term power capacity and high reliability. It is known for huge tone, gorgeous low-end, and incredible stability at extreme volumes. Its high excursion at low-frequency offers both clarity and punch.