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Jammin Pro 5-Piece Drum Set (IROCKER)


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  • 15 Preset Drum Kit for recording your playing to iPhone or any recorder 
  • Superb drum ambience due to built-in adjustable digital Reverb
  • Power IN: DC12V adaptor (included)
  • Controls: Drum Kits Selection x 5, Variation, Metronome, Volume, iPod Vol, REC output level, Tempo(40-220), Reverb ON/OFF
  • Outputs: Master Output (RCA), Headphone (mini jack), Record Out (mini jack)
  • Inputs: AUX (mini jack), USB (for Trigger-to-MIDI Interface)

The Jammin Pro IROCKER is exactly what drummers want. The iRocker sophisticated software is a 15 preset studio packed with live drums and cymals - just choose what you wish to hear. Put on the headphones and amplifier outputs if you want to record quietly or belt out. The metronome will help you keep time whether you're practising alone or playing with your band. And this 5 piece drumset is built to last - it's mounted on a heavy-duty aluminum rack.