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Koss QZ-77 Active Noise Reduction Plug System Stereophones


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Reduces harmful and annoying low frequency sounds in noisy environments - ideal for in-flight use.Unique earbud design directs sound into the ear canal for deep bass.Specialty ear cushion material forms slowly in the ear canal to provide a custom fit and maximum isolation.Frequency response: 10-20kHz.Includes lanyard and airplane adapter
The QZ77 Active Noise Canceling Earphone features both Active Noise Reduction (ANR) and Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) technology to eliminate harmful and unwanted noise while still providing the ultimate in sound. Striving for years to improve on sound and portability of noise reduction, Koss QZ77 provides maximum noise reduction in a compact design. While ANR circuit reduces low frequency noise, the PNY reduces high and mid frequencies so music and noice can be heard in clarity. Utilizing only 1 AAA battery, the QZ77 combines double noise reduction and maximum sound performance all in one complete product.