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Lanzar AMPKIT0 Contaq 5000 Watt 0 Gauge Power Amp Kit


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  • Transparent Blue Power Cable (16FT).
  • Transparent Silver Ground Cable (3FT).
  • Transparent Blue Remote Cable (15FT).


This power amp kit can reach helps to install a sound system of 5000 watts.  It comes with the necessary wires to set up you amplifier and speakers.  Includes a 16 ft. blue power cable, 3 ft. silver ground cable, 15 ft. blue remote cable, 15 ft. blue interconnect cable, 20 ft. speaker cable, fuse holder, 4 spade terminals, 2 ring terminals, 1 butt connector, 1 cable tie grommet, 3 crimp caps, and 1 white screw.