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Marani DPA480 4 In 8 Out


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Input/OutputStages.Maximum Input Level - 20 dBu.Maximum Output Level Low - 20 dBu.DSP Processing.Digital Processing (DSP) - 2xDream SAM3716, 24bit (data) x 96 bit (coeff.),
DPA480: it is a 4 input x 8 output Speaker Processor. The 4 input levels are displayed by rows of 6 level leds 1 clip led, The 8 output levels are displayedby rows of 5 level leds 1 clip led 1 Limiter led. The unit has 4 analog inputs, 2 stereo digital input, and 8 analog outputs. Each input has 5 filters and each output has 7 parametric filters. Both input and output filters can be selected to be Bell, 1st/2nd Ord Shelvings with -3dB at cutting Freq., Symmetrical Shelving with variable Q, Hp/Lp with variable Q, 1st/2nd Ord. All Pass (90/180Deg. Phase rotation at the cutting freq.), bandpass and notch. The outputs X-Over section has Butterworth,Lin/Reyl and Bessel filters up to 48dB/Oct or Custom selectable Hp/Lp with up to 48dB/Oct with the cascaded Iind Ord cells adjustable in Freq and Q. RMS compressor with selectable Ratio up to 32:1 and adjustable Soft/Hard Knee.Output Peak Limiter with THR in Vp or dBu for the Loudspeakers protection. Technical Specifications Sampling Frequency - 48kHz Converters 2xAK5383, 24 bit A/D; 4xAK4396, 24bit D/AGeneral Data S/N - >110dBA THD N - 0.005% Frequency Response (Bypass) - 20Hz - 20kHz ( - 1 dB) Input Channels - 4, balanced Output Channles - 8, balanced S/PDIF - 2xStereo Power Supply - 110-220V Remote Control - Rs485, TCP/IP, USB