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Marani DPA880 8 Inputs 8 Outputs


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Suitable for use where a high quality 8x8 matrix mixer is required.8 input (mic/line) - 8 output.Parameter filters on input and output.High pass filters.Low pass filters
The DPA880 is a 8 input x 8 output Matrix for Conference Systems, fully remotely controlled via USB connection (Pc Sw remote control) or RS485 (Pc Sw remote control for net configuration, or Wall Panel remote control), allowing the complete routing of 8 line or microphone inputs to 8 line outputs. For the microphone inputs, can be selected a Phantom power Supply. The DPA880 Speaker Management Processor on the front panel offer the possibility to select up to 6 presets, edited and uploaded on the unit through the Pc Sw, thanks to 6 push buttons. The Name of the current preset is displayed on a wide 2-Line x 24-characters LCD. The main activities of the unit's channels are shown by 8 rows of 5 leds: Line, Microphone, Feedback, Signal/Clip, Limiter. Any one of the 6 available presets can even be recalled by a remote Wall Panel Control, allowing also the control of the Master Output Volume. The Wall Remote Control, acting through a RS485 connection, and the Remote PC control, via USB, can operate simultaneously. When not used for the Wall Panel Remote Control, the RS485 connection can be used for the creation of a DPA880 speaker managemnt network of up to 32 units, all controlled by the Ps Sw remote control. The DPA880 speaker management is a powerful Matrix, allowing to select as input, for any of the 8 input independently, a Line Level Input or a Microphone Input, where for the microphone input there is the possibility to provide a 48V Phantom Power supply. When selected a microphone Input, the unit provide the possibility to activate a Feedback Eliminator based on a powerful pitch shifting"algorithm, particularly effective for voice applications.Each output has as first stage an 8x8 Matrix allowing the mix of the 8 inputs and processing the final mix with a 5 bands Eq, with filters assignable as Peaker or Hi/Low Shelving, able to range from -15dB up to 15dB gain; follo