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Pac Audio TR7 Universal Trigger Module


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  • Multiple Feature Module
  • Low Voltage Trigger
  • Latching Outputs
  • Alpine Video Bypass
  • Pulse Extender and Double Pulse Output
  • Linear Actuator Controller
  • Channel Splitter
  • Door Lock Pulse Generator
  • 3 in 1 Timer Outputs, Pulse to Timed Output
  • Turn on Pop Delay
  • Delayed Amp Turn Off

The TR7 is a universal trigger module with many different features. These features include a low voltage trigger, latching output, Alpine video bypass, pulse extender and double pulse output. In addition, the TR7 features a linear actuator controller, channel splitter, door lock pulse generator, 3 in 1 timer output with pulse to timed output, turn on pop delay and delayed amp turn off.