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Panasonic KX-TVA50 Voice Processing System Control Unit


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2 ports expandable to 6 ports using the KX-TVA502 or KX-TVA503 expansion cards.4 hours of storage expandable up to 8 hours using the KX-TVA524.64 mailboxes with email integration.Windows based PC programmable.Propriety telephone voice mail menu
- KX-A249 bracket- 2 Ports expandable to 6- 4 Hours expandable to 8- 64 Mailboxes- The KX-TVA50 has an option to add expansion cards. These cards are to expand the voice mail to a 4 or 6 port voice mail. This option is NOT available when the KX-TVA50 is being used with the KX-TA624 or KX-TA824 phone systems it can only be used as a 2 port voice mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!KXTVA50