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Power Pot- Power Practical Meter with Fast-Charge Cable

• Finally Figure Out Which Chargers Are Wasting Your Time.
• Includes Super Fast Charging Cable for Micro-USB (All Samsung Phones), Apple 30-Pin (iPhone 4/S, iPod), and Mini-USB (Cameras, External Batteries)
• Meter is compatible with any USB Cable including iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, Galaxy Camera, Solar Panels and PCs
• 5 LEDs meter the power from 1 to 10 watts, covering the entire range of smartphone charging
• Save your phone, tablet and camera from Faulty and Dangerous Cables!

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The Practical Meter is an inline USB-meter that shows you how quickly your USB device is charging. It is compatible with any USB charging port, including portable solar panels, the PowerPot, your home PC or laptop and any charging accessory you have. Plug it in between your charger and your USB device (smartphone, mp3 player) and watch as it provides real-time feedback! Having the Practical Meter will help you know your power. You will know if your laptop is charging your iPhone at full speed or a mere 50%. You will be surprised to discover the differences in charge rates that occur when charging with different brands. Once you see that your old cable has not been charging your device at the fastest speeds you will be glad we have an included our super fast charge cable to finally take care of your slow charging woes.

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Additional Info

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