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Pyle PLCM34WIR 3.5 Inch Monitor Wireless Back-Up Rearview and Night Vision Camera System


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  • Wireless Backup Camera & Monitor Parking Assist System
  • Includes Camera, Monitor and All Necessary Cables & Wiring 

    Wireless Adapters:
  • 2.4G Transmitter and Receiver
  • Instantly Sends Camera Video to the LCD Display
  • Wireless Transmission Distance: 80 Feet Max.
  • Reverse Camera Priority for Signal Sense
  • Automatically Turns on When Video Signal is Received 

  • 3.5'' Slim TFT-LCD Stand Display Screen Monitor
  • Brightness: 200 cD/m
  • Contrast: 200:1
  • RCA Video Inputs
  • NTSC/PAL System Auto Switching
  • Built-in 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Receiver
  • Additional Video Monitor Connection Ability
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 4.13''x 3.35''x 0.87'' 

  • Swivel Angle Adjustable Cam
  • Marine Grade Waterproof Construction
  • Night Vision / Low Light Capability
  • Image Sensor: OV7910 Color CMOS
  • Total Pixels: 510 x 492
  • Resolution: 380 TV Lines
  • Min. Illumination: 0.5 Lux
  • Video Output: 1.0 Vpp - 75 Ohm
  • Preferable Mounting Just Above the License Plate
  • *Installs with Wireless Adapters or Hard-Wired via Included Cables
  • Power Supply: DC 12V, 200 mA

The Pyle PLCM34WIR provides you with wireless transmission camera system safety. This rearview parking assist back-up camera system comes equipped with 3.5'' color monitor, waterproof marine grade camera, wireless transmitter, wireless receiver and all necessary cables and wiring. Add an extra line of safety when you mount the slim, bar-style exterior camera -- preferably just above your vehicle's rear license plate. Give yourself a better view of driving conditions while in busy streets or backing into those tight parking spaces. Automatic camera priority and video sense input instantly recognizes the moment you put your car in reverse. Then, the camera system automatically powers on and the LCD screen gives you a better look of what is behind you. The system includes optional cables for you to hard-wire your system, as opposed to using included wireless transmitters. Become a smarter, and safer driver with the PLCM34WIR Parking Assist Rearview Backup Camera System.