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RCA ANT121R Fine Tuning Antenna


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  • 12-position switch provides better signal reception
  • Built-in 6-foot cable for easy setup
  • HDTV-compatible
  • Small base with no-scuff pads
  • Dipoles adjust for channels 2-13 (digital and analog)
  • Integrated loop for channels 14-69 (digital and analog)
  • Free Digital and analog TV broadcasts & FM signals


The RCA ANT121R Fine Tuning Antenna is a 2-in-1 antenna with dipoles for channels 2-13 and a loop for channels 14-69. Both support analog and digital broadcasts.  The built-in cable provides easy setup while the no-scuff pads ensure that wherever you place it, the antenna won't ruin your furniture. Additionally, the 12-position switch provides more fine-tuned signal reception for improved picture quality.

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