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RCA ANT1600R Flat Digital Passive Indoor TV Antenna


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Patented design specifically for 360 degree digital TV reception eliminates adjustments.Receives local HD and DTV broadcasts and supports 1080 resolution.Outperforms traditional antennas due to patented design.Slim paintable profile in black to blend with high tech components.Coaxial cable built in
RCA ANT1600 flat indoor antenna is designed specifically for digital TV signals. Gives more precise directional reception than analog signals to provide consistent performance. Unique patented antenna design eliminates the hassle of manual adjustments by receiving signals from 360 degrees. Gives superior signal reception of local HD and all digital TV broadcasts. Supports 1080 resolution reception and outperforms traditional antennas. Paintable antenna can be hung or laid flat. Slim black profile disappears into its surroundings. Built in coax cable and 1 year limited warranty.