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Selenium Loudspeakers 8W4P SELENIUM 8" 300W 8 OHM WOOFER


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8 ohms.300 Watt continuous; AES: 150 Watts.Frequency response @ -10 dB; 100 - 6 500.With True Enhanced Performance..Latest Technical Development.
Seleniums professional 8" woofer is designed to meet a variety of PA needs for small & medium-sized rooms, w/excellent performance in the mid & low frequency ranges. For sound reinforcement in nightclubs, dancing halls, auditoriums & bands. Its great efficiency in sound reproduction is due to the excellent combination of the different components. The light cone manufactured w/long fiber pulp together w/a surround of impregnated fabric give the array great stability, high yield & low distortion. The voice coil is made of high temperature wire, wound on Kapton former. The epoxy painted reinforced steel frame provides the array w/high mechanical resistance. The use of highly resistant adhesives guarantees optimal cohesion and durability of components. * 8 ohms * 300 Watt continuous; AES: 150 Watts * Frequency response @ -10 dB; 100 - 6,500