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Selenium Loudspeakers D408TI Titanium Compression Driver


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2" Throat 250 watt (Peak) Titanium Compression Driver.Multi-Way PAs, Stage Monitors, Side Fills.High Sensitivity, Smooth Response, Low Distortion.Kapton(TM) Bonded for increased power handling and durability."Phase Plug" optimizes Geometry reducing phase cancellation
The D408 TI is a world class compression driver for use in two way or multi way systems. With high sensitivity and a linear frequency response this pure Titanium diaphragm is accurately shaped to produce high frequencies with extreme clarity. A copper shorting on the pole peice reduces modulation of the magentic field lowering distortion and increases high frequency output. The voice coil is bonded to Kapton ™ using high temperature adhesives to increase durability and raise power handling.