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Simplism TR-CCSIP4-SB Crystal Cover Set for iPhone 4 - Smoky Black


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Simplism Crystal Cover Set for iPhone 4 is a thin clear hard cover that protects your iPhone 4 from dust and scratches. The high transparency of polycarbonate material makes the case almost unnoticeable, while it is impact and heat resistant.Easy installation from rare side of iPhone 4. Enjoy the beauty of iPhone 4 in clear cover. Direct access to all buttons and connectors including audio jack, volume control, ring/silent, sleep/wake, sound on/off button and dock connector without removing from the case. Speaker at the bottom is also uncovered.Durable 0.8mm ultra thin cover provides a great grip and comfortable usability. Using specially designed mold, back of the cover is seamless and looks beautiful.Cases that cover from rear side usually do not protect the front side well. Side of display for Simplism Crystal Cover Set for iPhone 4 is made a little thicker to protect the display when iPhone 4 is placed face down. Also we created a slight space between back of iPhone 4 and cover so for both not scratch each other. The existing hard cases have a critical problem. The case itself can get badly-scratched in a short time. Although a number of tiny scratches indicate that the case is actually protecting the iPod inside, the case needs to be damage-free for a better look.In order to solve this problem, "anti-scratch coating" is applied on Crystal Cover for iPhone 4. This coating helps to reduce the appearance of scratches under normal use. The case will remain clear and last much longer.* The coating does not guarantee scratch proof.Conventional Display Film was made with several hard coating layers which resulted in having the interference fringe. Simplism Crystal Cover Set for iPhone 4 intoduces new Japan-made durable film which has less interference fringe.