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Simplism TR-MSIP4-BL/EN Microfiber Sleeve for iPhone 4 (Blue)


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Simplism Microfiber Sleeve for iPhone 4 is made of microfiber material which protects iPhone 4 from dust and scratches. Slide in iPhone 4 and carry it in your bag. Available in 5 colors that give a warm look to it. Keep iPhone 4 in a stylish sleeve. The peach wooden tab will help you to pull your iPhone 4 smoothly from the case. Pull the tab towards the opening of the case to take out and push back iPhone 4 to store.Make sure not to drop iPhone 4 when you pull the tab.There is a strap hole at the side of sleeve case. Customize your case with your favorite strap.Cover your rather cool looking iPhone 4 with playful and soft looking material, microfiber is used which is famous for its touch and color. Available in 5 pastel colors. Simplism logo is placed at the bottom and vivid color lining inside.