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Simplism TR-NSIPAD-DP/EN Nylon Sleeve Case for iPad (Deep Pink)


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Sleeve case for iPad.Made with lightweight durable nylon.Cushioned for shock absorption.Zippered pocket for earphone and Dock cable.5 colors to choose from
Simplism Nylon Sleeve Case for iPad is a nylon sleeve that protects iPad from dust and impacts. Durable and lightweight nylon material keeps the slim shape of iPad while providing shock absorption. The display portion is doubly covered with layers of case and a flip to add extra protection. It can be carried around with the case alone, or placed in a bag because of its slim shape. The flip widely opens for smooth in and out of iPad. Special kind of Velcro is used on the case to hold a flip without being stacked. The zippered pocket in back is for storing everything you need for iPad, such as earphone, Dock cable, charger, etc. This lightweight nylon Sleeve case for iPad is fashionable enough with its bright colors. There are five colors to choose from depending on your style from casual to chic.