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Simplism TR-SCIPAD-BK/EN Silicone Case Set for iPad Black


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Glare film for iPad.Protects display from scratches.Shiny and invisible glare film.Non-adhesive film that can be applied repeatedly.Leveler to squeeze out air bubbles in the film.
"Simplism Silicone Case Set for iPad is a thin silicone case that protects your iPad from dust and scratches. The great selection of colors brightens up cool toned iPad.Direct access to all buttons and connectors including audio jack, volume control button, sleep/wake switch, screen rotation lock, and dock connector without removing from the case. 4 silicone feet on back support rounded back of iPad when placed on a desk.Additionally, they cushion the impact by typing movement and maintains smooth typing and pinch in/out.The silicone feet give a comfortable grip and reduce strain on arms. The window is widely opened for a multi-touch display. The protector film in the kit guards the display without loosing smooth controls. A microfiber cleaning cloth is included for wiping off fingerprints on the display and the body of iPad. Due to the nature of silicone material, ordinary silicone case easily get dirty. This product has anti-dust coasting on it, so it has silky smooth touch without being dusty.Glare type of Display Protector Film is included. It is very clear and practically invisible. It does not affect the brightness and the contrast of display and keeps clear view. The PET material film with adequate thickness makes it easier to apply.