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Splintek SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow

The sleeprighta side sleeping pillow is the most advanced side sleeping design available.It was developed to help reduce head, neck, and jaw tension; it was developed to help reduce head, neck, and jaw tension;.The sleeprighta side sleeping pillow is used by thousands of medical professionals worldwide

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The sleeprighta side sleeping pillow has three important design features, which distinguish it from all other memory foam pillows. The full facial cradle helps reduce pressure points on the jaw and ear. This means increased blood flow to the facial dermal cells while sleeping, reducing the tendency for facial tissues to crease or sag.the 12-degree shoulder cradle accommodates the acute angle between your head, neck, and shoulder while sleeping on your side. You may experience significant improvement in your spinal alignment between the neck and back. The anatomical shoulder cradle will reduce the body weight impact on the shoulders, increasing blood flow to the arms. The left and right airway system helps to improve breathing. Side sleeping opens up the airway and prevents snoring due to the larynx remaining open while asleep. Side sleeping properly may reduce snoring. It also will help with the reduction of migraine headaches that are produced when the sub-occipital muscles in the top of the head cannot relax. People who sleep with their head propped up often experience headaches in the morning; this is not a coincidence but rather due to the pressure that was forced on the sub-occipital muscles all night.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Splintek
Model Number 106
Length 22.50
Width 12.75
Height 4.50
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Condition N/A
Color No
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