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Thera Bath Professional Thermotherapy Paraffin Bath with Scent Free Paraffin (2320)


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  • Anodized Aluminum Tank
  • Always Safe Temperature Range – 126 to 130 Degrees F
  • 9lb. Capacity
  • Handles for Easy Transport
  • 110V
  • Includes 6 x 1lb Refill Paraffin (Scent-Free)

The Thera Bath 2320 is a 9lb paraffin bath for paraffin moist heat therapy. Paraffin moist heat therapy is used to provide relief from pain, stiffness and inflammation, and can also soften dry skin by drawing moisture to the body’s surface. The Thera Bath retains a safe temperature of 126-130 degrees Fahrenheit, even during the paraffin melting stages, so users will never be scalded by the wax. In addition to the 9lb. bath, this set comes with a white plastic grille, tan lid with handle, IEC receptacle cord, operator’s manual and 6lbs. of scent-free paraffin refills.