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Turtle Beach Ear Force XP SEVEN MLG Pro Circuit Programmable Surround Sound Console Headset - Xbox 360

Immersive 360 degree audio lets you pinpoint the direction of every sound, as well as alter the positioning of the surround sound angles to customize your audio experience. Provides unparalleled audio customization with on-the-fly preset switching, independent game and chat volumes, a programmable control knob and more. Sonic Lens and Sound Field Expander lets you widen or narrow the sound field to focus on sound cues that are difficult to hear like enemy footsteps, and Ear Guard with Blast Limiter limits the intensity of deafening sounds like explosions and gunfire. Voice Morphing disguises your voice by changing the sound from deep lows to screeching highs, while Dynamic Chat Boost automatically increases chat volume as the game volume gets louder. Sonic Silencers eliminate background noise on your mic and online chat

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The Ear Force XP SEVEN, our newest premium console headset, offers the ultimate in game tournament and lifestyle performance. The official headset of Major League Gaming (MLG), the XP SEVEN is the perfect headset for the elite e-sports player or any gamer seeking a pro-audio gaming experience, featuring Dolby Surround Sound and a fully programmable digital signal processor (DSP). The programmable DSP allows gamers to enhance and personalize the entire audio experience with fully customizable game, chat, and mic signals. On-the-fly audio preset switching, independent game and chat volumes and more are now at players' fingertips thanks to the Audio Control Unit. With a sleek and distinctive new design, gamers can now also customize the look and feel of the XP SEVEN thanks to its removable mic boom and easily interchangeable speaker plates; it's the ultimate audio weapon for competitive console gamers. Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Turtle Beach's 2nd generation digital signal processor allows gamers to enhance and personalize the entire gaming audio experience with fully customizable game, chat and mic signals with the creation of audio presets. The custom audio presets stored in the Ear Force XP SEVEN headset can be selected during specific parts of the game to emphasize any sound for a competitive advantage or deeper immersion experience. Download the Turtle Beach-created audio presets for all the top game titles out or get the audio presets developed by your peers from the Turtle Beach website to fully equip yourself to be able to hear everything and defeat everyone.Ear Force XP SEVEN Key Features Tournament Grade Gaming: Official headset of Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Premium Surround Sound: Adjustable Dolby Surround Sound speaker angles Audio Presets: Game-specific sound enhancements for a competitive advantage and deeper immersion Play On Anything: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC/Mac and mobile compatibility Play Your Music & Answer Calls: Plug in your phone to swap game audio with music and never miss calls Dynamic Chat Boost:Never have teammates drowned out by loud, sudden noises Tournament Grade Gaming Created in tandem with our partners at Major League Gaming (MLG), The XP SEVEN is the official headset worn by gamers at all MLG e-sport tournaments year round. Technological Superiority You can actually adjust the speaker angles inside your headset to ensure that your 360 degree Dolby Surround Sound audio is fine tuned to your individual liking. Groundbreaking Innovation Enhance various game sounds for a competitive advantage or deeper immersion via free downloadable audio presets. Versatility Go from a console player on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 to a PC or Mac gamer to playing on your phone, tablet or mobile gaming device and back again with a quick switch of wires. Play Your Music & Never Miss Calls Quickly plug in your smartphone and you can replace the game soundtrack with your own music or take phone calls while never leaving the game. Advanced Chat Technology Only Turtle Beach offers chat volume that automatically increases as the game volume gets louder so your teammates are never drowned out by sudden explosions.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Turtle Beach
Model Number TBS-2210-01
Length 11.9
Width 10.9
Height 4.2
UPC Code N/A
Condition N/A
Color No
Size N/A

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